To enjoy.

You with Us. And we cook for you.

Carp and wine. Wine and schnitzel. Schnitzel and beer.

You with us. That also means taking a seat in our cosy dining room, leaning back and tasting. The smell of roasting meat. The taste of fresh herbs. The flair of the wooden tables. Candlelight. No question about it. For us, our Gaststube is a place with lots of atmosphere, charm and conviviality.

Organic. Regional. Seasonal.

On everyone's lips.

Thanks to our wonderful region. The Waldviertel and its regional farmers and businesses offer us everything that organic culinary and enjoyment needs.

We are convinced: quality tastes good. Regional is the only right way for us. And seasonal is the best way for us to walk in step with nature.

In addition to high-quality ingredients, it is above all our employees who fill our cooking pots, plates and dining rooms with ideas, creativity and personality. For us, good cuisine and good enjoyment is an overall experience. Ingredients, culinary art and service. The beauty is when everything comes together to form an authentic overall picture.

You with us. For breakfast.

The first sip of coffee. The taste of butter on brown bread. The soft egg with salt. A good breakfast is wonderful. Fresh. Regional. Seasonal. This is our breakfast buffet.

Whether with the newspaper, with friends or your dog. Have breakfast as you like. Take a seat. Enjoy. Start the day relaxed.

To choose from.

To book a table.

Restaurant opening hours


7 - 10 am


Tuesday - Sunday
11:30 - 2 pm


6 - 9:30 pm

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